Kvesta – Human Scum

DIG005: Kvesta – Human Scum

Kvesta was started in april of 2014 by Raatten, who quickly recruited Zagtan. The duo set off to Oslo in the summer of 2014 to record the first offerings. The Human Scum EP is the first of two releases from those sessions.

The four songs display the bands ferocious and versatile style, with each song beings its own gnarling beast. Human Scum cements Kvesta as a fresh face in the Norwegian underground, unafraid to experiment with frequencies and sounds others wouldn’t dare touch. Although the music is rooted in black, thrash and death metal, it also extends into paths seldom trod by contemporaries. Human Scum is a twisted marriage between snarling riffs, grinding drums and sonic frequencies.
1. Demonic Summoning Ritual
2. Parasite
3. Entrails in the Snow
4. Hate Yourself

On this recording:
Raatten – Guitar, bass, drums and vocals
Zagtan – Lead guitar and backing vocals

Guests on this release:
Anna ‘Pesta’ Ødegaard – Vocals on Demonic Summoning Ritual
Aleksander Ilievski (Imaginator) – Vocals on Parasite
Sturt: (Whip, Troll) – Vocals on Parasite
Leviathan (ex-Unspoken) – Electronic Intro on Hate Yourself

Kvesta 2015:
Raatten (Whip, Nebular Secrets) – Guitar and vocals
Zagtan (Haunted By Silhouettes, Reckless Souls) – Lead guitar and backing vocals
Storm (Aeon Throne, Dynasty of Darkness) – Guitar and vocals
Ormstungr (Whip, Nebular Secrets) – Bass
Nagash (Troll, The Kovenant) – Drums

Prophecies of Chaos – Compilation (Independent)
Human Scum – EP (Digipus Music)
Ibex Arrival – LP (Polypus Records)

Email: kvesta666@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kvesta-220424671490497

Listen at BandcampSpotifyTidalItunes / Apple Music

      Demonic Summoning Ritual - Kvesta

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