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Whip – Godfucking And Wardreams

DIG008: Whip – Godfucking And Wardreams

Here’s Godfucking And Wardreams. What’s it like?

Well, it’s shit kickin’, gun totin’, priest hangin’, gob smackin’, door bustin’, pussy pullin’, tree worryin’, hell firin’, geetar shreddin’, pie flin...


Kvesta – Human Scum

DIG005: Kvesta – Human Scum

Kvesta was started in april of 2014 by Raatten, who quickly recruited Zagtan. The duo set off to Oslo in the summer of 2014 to record the first offerings...

Whip cover 01

Whip – Primitive Slaughter

DIG003: Whip – Primitive Slaughter

This is killer! Lots of energy in the music, cool riffs, good vocals and likewise the drumming is raging with aggression...

The Whipspering Rocks single cover2

Blindfisted – The Whispering Rocks (single)

DIG001: Blindfisted – The Whispering Rocks single

Blindfisted is a metal-punk band from Norway and Sweden. This track features Aggressor from Aura Noir on vocals.

      The Whispering Rocks - Blindfisted